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The single-leg extra long chain riveting has been made of high quality galvanized iron wire with pressing. It has rust protection. Stable and tight characteristic, is applicable for many other type standardized nail guns.
Gauge      16                                        Diameter    :  1.5±0.01mm              线    径:1.5±0.01mm Head       :  3±0.1mm                 钉头宽度:3±0.1mm   Thickness    :  1.3±0.02mm              钉杆厚度: 1.3±0.02mmWidth      :  1.58±0.02mm              钉杆宽度:1.58±0.02mmLength      :  20mm 32mm 38mm 40mm        长:20mm 32mm 38mm 40mm
     45mm 50mm 57mm 64mm          45mm 50mm 57mm 64mm   
Gauge      16.5                                       Diameter    :  1.42±0.01mm             线    径:1.42±0.01mmHead       :  3±0.1mm                 钉头宽度:3±0.1mm  Thickness    :  1.2±0.02mm              钉杆厚度: 1.2±0.02mmWidth      :  1.5±0.02mm               钉杆宽度:1.5±0.02mmLength      :  20mm 32mm 38mm 40mm        长:20mm 32mm 38mm 40mm          45mm 50mm 57mm 64mm            45mm 50mm 57mm 64mm

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